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BREAKING NEWS: over 1000 NDC members goes skirt and blouse on DEC 7 In New Edubiase





Over 1000 members of the opposition party National Democratic Congress (NDC), including former Constituency Executives such as Former constituency organiser (Frank Obey Gyata), former Constituency Elections director (George Mensah), former Deputy Constituency Secretary (Mark Dadzie) and some members of the party has vowed to vote for NPP parliamentary candidate Hon. Goerge Boahen Oduro the MP New Edubiase Constituency who doubles as the Deputy Minister for Agricultural in the Ashanti Region.

Their organization called, Aggrieved NDC Members of New Edubiase Constituency stated in their press conference that, the party has imposed their parliamentary candidate Abdul Adams Salam on the Nine Hundred and Thirty Six (936) delegates across the constituency and deprived them from enfranchising their right and also disqualified his contender with no tangible reason.

Again, The Candidate Abdul Adams Salam in 2016 elections preached skirt and blouse against the then NDC MP Hon. Enerst Kofi Yakah after losing the primaries.

Below is the statement presented to the media by the group.

Friends from media, ladies and gentlemen, you are wormly welcome and thank you for honouring our invitation and making time with us this morning to this press encounter.

We are using this opportunity to extend our greetings to the regional and National executives committee of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

You may —call,we involved you all here to New Edubiase on the 22nd day of August, 2019 when we expressed our disappointment and displeasure over the choice of parliamentary candidate of our great party National Democratic Congress (NDC),here in New Edubiase constituency.

Inspire of all the plea, grievances and reasons we’ve put forward for election to be held in choosing candidate were ignored. However, some few members of the constituency executives and opinion leaders bulldozed their way through and have succeeded imposing Mr Adams Abdul Salam over the entire constituency as candidate, depriving Nine hundred and thirty six(936) delegates across the constituency to enfranchise their right.

In accordance with Article 46 clause (8) section (b) which frowned on “Anti party conduct that interfere and that put the party in ridicule, hatred or contempt” which some of the current and former constituency executives as well as the parliamentary candidate for 2020 himself have violated in 2016 general election by preaching “skirt and blouse”,some of whom were visibly seen paying loosing bonus against the then parliamentary candidate,Hon.Ernest Kofi Yskah. Yet remained in the party as loyals.

Friends from the media, today Tuesday 15th September, 2020.We wish to settle the dust that has been blowing in the air for over a year now for peace and tranquillity to prevail in the party.

As a group, we have pondered thoroughly over the misunderstanding that has engulfed the party in the constituency and decided to do the honourable thing considering the Article 46 of the NDC constitution and its implications.

In line of this, the group deemed it highly to stay away from the party to enable them re–lunch and embark the journey of skirt and blouse that was borned four years ago(2016) in New Edubiase constituency which saw our first and ever lost of the parliamentary seat.

We wish everyone in this contest Good Luck and stay blessed.

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HIV-AIDS, Cancer and other dangerous chronic diseases associated with LGBT People –




The LGBT group in Ghana organized a fundraising which was attended by several diplomats including the Australian High Commissioner who pledged to support the group.

After the organization, tension has mounted in the country with a lot of opinion leaders advocating against LGBT in the country (Ghana).

An official notice cited by our news desk indicated the president of Ghana ordered the closure of the LGBT office with immediate effect.

Aside the evil tag against the act, there are a lot of dangerous chronic health implication with people who involve themselves in the LGBT.

A lot of LGBT health research funding and public attention still goes to AIDS.

But the LGBT community also experiences higher rates of other less visible health issues, like high blood pressure and earlier onset of disabilities, according to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation Research report.

On top of that, LGBT adults face more challenges in getting healthcare.

Stress and anxiety that’s fueled by discrimination are the likely culprits, say many experts.

These stresses can occur on many fronts, such as hearing about constant LGBT legal battles, workplace discrimination, or being denied healthcare.

“There is minority stress,” Gilbert Gonzales, assistant professor in the Department of Health Policy at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, told Health-line. “And it’s above the everyday stress. There’s also a lot of variation within the LGBT community.”

Another studyNTrusted Source of over 68,000 American adults found that lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults drank and smoked more heavily than heterosexual adults.

Gonzales, who co-authored the study, describes smoking and drinking as a “coping mechanism” for dealing with discrimination. “It could be drowning feelings by self-medicating,” he said.

Stress and anxiety are indeed linked to poor health outcomes, Carrie Henning-Smith, a research associate at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health and who also co-authored the report, told Healthline.

“And we need to be concerned about it,” she said. “Homophobia is alive and well.”

As the federal government begins collecting more health data on sexual orientation, these disparities are finally coming to light, experts noted.

Bisexual people face the most health issues

Peeling away the health differences within the LGBT community is revealing, too.

For example, lesbian — and especially bisexual — women are more likely to be overweight than heterosexual women.

“And being overweight is a big risk factor for chronic diseases,” said Gonzalez.

Lesbian and bisexual women are also more likely to receive diagnoses with some cancers as well as higher rates of cardiovascular disease, according to the Kaiser Foundation report.

But bisexual people reported the poorest overall health.

They’re less likely to describe their health as excellent and had higher levels of distress. This group was also the least likely to be insured and also avoided getting medical care in the past year due to cost.

“Bisexuals do have the highest health risks,” said Henning-Smith, who passionately believes that all people should have a chance to have a healthy life. “One theory is that they’re a minority within a minority.”

Gay men can suffer from little-discussed health issues too, such as eating disorders fueled by body image.

According to studies, gay men were seven times more likely to report binging and 12 times more likely to report purging than heterosexual men.

Transgender college students are five times more likely to have an eating disorder than their peers.

And binge eating has serious side effects, such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

“Binging can also lead to social isolation,” Dr. Stephanie Setliff, medical director at the Eating Recovery Center in Dallas, told Healthline, as feelings of shame and guilt arise.

Finally, older members of the LGBT community face mounting health issues as they age.

According to a University of Washington study that examined health conditions among LGB adults over 50, lesbian and bisexual women are more likely to have chronic health conditions than heterosexual women.

These health conditions include strokes, heart attacks, and asthma.

“This is a population that isn’t getting the attention it deserves,” said Karen Fredriksen-Goldsen, director of the Health Generations Hartford Center of Excellence at the University of Washington, in a press release about the study. “Lesbian and bisexual women tend to be more invisible.”

Aging gay men, lesbians, and bisexual people also usually lack family support and end up living alone.

They report higher rates of mental distress and isolation, according to a policy brief by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research.

However, when moving into nursing homes, elder abuse is rampant, too.

According to surveys, 43 percent of LGBTQ seniors have either been abused by caretakers or witnessed abuse, such as being evicted from long-term care facilities.

“This abuse is a hard one,” said Gonzales. “When health deteriorates, some will enter nursing homes. Often, that process leads them to go back into the closet.”


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Hilarious Reactions As Ghanaians Spot A “Giant Net” Covering Jubilee House




From all indications, Jubilee House is undergoing renovation works, however, netizens have decided to tell the story their own way.

While others had fun with the photos, some social media users were of the view that the safety net had been there for so long, it does not make the presidential palace appealing any longer.

The Jubilee House was commission by the former president, John Agyekum Kufuor in 2008 to mark the Golden Jubilee anniversary of Ghana.

Ras Patrick Christman Catizo of Trotro Diaries saw the state of the presidential palace and thought he would get answers from his fellow group members.

Here is what people think is going on in the Jubilee House.

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BEWARE: Things To Do And Not To Do When Driving Automatic Vehicle




It is expected of every good driver to posses a high quality of skills in other to handle vehicle on the road.

We are all aware that there are two different types of cars at the moment which are manual car and an automatic vehicle.

The difference between the two is that a manual car has gears but an automatic car has only a gear which is in the form of a shift.

Provided below are tips on how to drive an automatic vehicle.

A. Make sure you press the brake pedal.

B. Switch on the engine with a key or a start button.

C. Make sure you put the handbrake down.

D. Never forget to shift your gear to the drive D from Parking P that is if you want to move the car forward.

However, if you want to move backwards shift the gear from parking P to reverse R.

E. Having done all of the above with your right foot still on the brake pedal, you can now slowly remove it.

6) The vehicle will begin to move depending on the direction you have instructed it.

Here are some of the things you should never do when driving an automatic car.

A. Ensure that your left foot does nothing.

B. Please try by making sure that you never change the gear from drive D to reverse R when the car is still moving.

C. Always ensure that the road is clear.

Thank you very much for reading this article.

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