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Don’t Tell Anybody These 2 Things – It Can Affect Your Progress In Life




Why is it that some people experience progress in life and others do not?

This falls among the many questions most people have tried finding answers to but to no avail.

It seems to me that we are the cause of our own problems.

It is wrong to always to blame others and even God for our misfortunes.

We do not experience progress in life simply because we fail to do what is expected of us.

Are you wondering about some of the things you do, tell people or do not do that impede your progress?

Well provided below are some of them;

1. Your Ideas

Your Ideas are your power and you do not have to let it out no matter what.

An idea is a very powerful entity that changes a person for the better when backed with action.

It is a great gift your mind gives you. It therefore expects you to put it into action so that you see light at the end of the tunnel.

As usual people who have no idea are automatic failures.

Everything that is in existence now was born of people’s idea. It is good to underline and understand that telling people of your ideas, puts your progress out of balance.

The success of a person relies on the number of ideas he has and his ability to make them a reality.

If your mind provides you with a good idea, it gives you a gift. A gift you must capitalize on to become successful in life.

The famous Bill Gates had the great idea of developing a portable computer.

He went ahead and made the idea a reality.

What do you think would have become of him if he had told people about this idea?

Are you of the thought that he would have been one of the richest persons on earth?

Not at all! Anytime your mind gives you an idea, do not, I repeat do not try sharing it with anyone.

It is your own and you are expected to work on it.

Informing people about it may trigger two things.

It is either they discourage you from pursuing it or secretly carries it out.

You may have no clue the number of your ideas that is making waves for people.

Please don’t forget that, your ideas are the perks your mind relays to you.

You do not have to share it with anybody. The great scientist Thomas Edison, from history, is known to be the inventor of the bulbs that give us light today.

The invention of bulbs would not have been associated with his name if he had shared this idea with a friend, a family or other.

It is obvious that he would have been discouraged from making it happen if he had told people about it.

If an idea about a business tor popps up in your mind, do not be in a haste to tell your friends, family members or coworkers about it.

Just work on it yourself.

2. How much you earn

Another important thing that holds back the progress is informing people how much you earn at the end of every day, week, month or year.

Disclosing your salary to friends, families, strangers and the likes offers room for them to think that you earn more than enough and that they can depend on you or come to you for money anytime they need it.

Have you ever discovered why your friends keep coming to you for money?

This is because of the fact that they know you are earning enough and for that matter, you can assist them financially to build their dreams.

The point is, when people keep on coming to you to borrow money, you may go bankrupt and would not have enough to work on your ideas or water the business you have began.

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