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Huge rain bomb forecast gives hope to exhausted firefighters – but the downpour will be so heavy it could cause LANDSLIDES




Huge rain bomb forecast gives hope to exhausted firefighters – but the downpour will be so heavy it could cause LANDSLIDES

  • Rain is forecast for almost the whole of NSW in the next seven days, says BoM 
  • Their map was re-tweeted by the state’s Rural Fire Service celebrating rain
  •  Heavier downpours are due on Thursday with thunderstorms and showers
  • There will also be rain in Victoria – but no relief for fire-ravaged Kangaroo Island 

Firefighters have been given hope by this week’s weather forecast which predicts heavy downpours in New South Wales and rain in Victoria – although there will be no relief for Kangaroo Island.

The Bureau of Meteorology published a map which shows rain forecast for almost the whole of NSW in the next seven days.

The map was re-tweeted by the state’s Rural Fire Service with the caption: ‘If this rainfall forecast comes to fruition then this will be all of our Christmas, birthday, engagement, anniversary, wedding and graduation presents rolled into one. Fingers crossed.’

On Monday pockets of the central and northern coasts will see rain.

The heavier downpours are due on Thursday when thunderstorms and showers are forecast for most of NSW and up to 25mm is expected to fall on parts of the south coast.

Sydney is expected to receive its most significant downpour in several months, with forecasts of 2-8mm on Thursday and 5-10mm on Friday.

However, forecasters warned that the rain could be so heavy it may cause landslides.

BOM meteorologist Gabrielle Woodhouse said: ‘We are looking at a couple of days in a row of some showers and thunderstorms, some of which may produce significant accumulation over those couple of days.

‘It will be quite welcome but there are some extra dangers and risks associated with it as the landscape is quite vulnerable with the fire damage.

‘We’ve lost a lot of vegetations and there is the risk of landslips.’

NSW Rural Fire Service spokesman Anthony Bradstreet said fire conditions are expected to ease on Monday and throughout the week with rain on the horizon.

‘We would love rain everywhere,’ he said on Monday.

‘Hopefully we will receive some good rainfall in fire affected areas.’

Mr Bradstreet warned thunderstorms could create the risk of falling trees and landslips.

Crews will take advantage of the easing conditions to establish and strengthen containment lines on some 40 bushfires which are not yet contained, he added.

He said rain was welcome but it would not be enough to completely put out all the fires.

‘Looking ahead, there still is plenty of bush to burn and a lot of summer to go,’ he said in a warning that the fire season was far from over.

The RFS said 111 fires were still burning across the state on Sunday night and many will take some time to fully contain.

Firefighters on Sunday brought under control one of the county’s most damaging blazes – the Gospers Mountain fire, which has burned for two-and-a-half months northwest of Sydney.

‘After lightning started the fire on October 26, it has burnt through more than 512,000 hectares across the Lithgow, Hawkesbury, Hunter Valley, Cudgegong, Blue Mountains and Central Coast local government areas,’ the Hawkesbury RFS said on Facebook.

‘It is important to remember not to be complacent as there are still a few months of the bushfire season to go with some bushland that still has not been burnt.’

Rain is also set to some bring relief to Victoria this week – but not enough to put out 19 fires.

Fires at Abbeyard in the high country and at Timboon in East Gippsland were both at emergency alerts early on Monday morning, but by 9am both had been downgraded.

Milder conditions are expected to last throughout the week, with rain developing in the state’s east on Wednesday and extending at least until Saturday.

Despite the respite, temperatures will hover about 30C and winds are still gusting, meaning the danger lingers and the fires show no sign of relenting.

‘These fires aren’t out and they’re not going to be out until they out themselves out or we finish with a really big rain event,’ Premier Daniel Andrews told KIIS FM on Monday.

‘And the weather bureau’s not telling us that’s likely.’

There are 19 active fires across Victoria, including one at Corryong in the northeast which has merged with a fire in NSW at the weekend.

More than 1.3 million hectares has been burnt and 1,500 fire fighters remain on the job.

Poor and very poor air quality conditions due to the bushfires are forecast statewide, with smoke and haze in the east, northeast and central Victoria.

Meanwhile, fires will continue on Kangaroo Island where there is no rain forecast until Sunday.

Travel restrictions have been lifted, but Country Fire Service incident controller Ian Tanner said non-essential travel should be avoided.

‘If you do need to come here to support relatives and friends, then it’s OK to come,’ he said.

‘But if you don’t need to come to Kangaroo Island at this point in time, then please give us a bit longer to get this sorted.’

The SA CFS said 30C weather and unfavourable conditions could lead to fire outbreaks and flare-ups on Monday.

‘The CFS advises everyone on Kangaroo Island to be vigilant tomorrow as there may be an escalation in fire activity,’ it said.

‘Please monitor your local environment and be aware that fire conditions will be constantly changing throughout the day.’


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See The Most Hated States In America. Number 1 Is Not A Surprise




Can you guess what #1 is? Oh yes you can.
If your state ranks high on the list you have to move away immediately… just kidding this list doesn’t really mean anything, but it’s fun to look at.
How much do you love your home state?

How much do you hate other states? For majority of us, it’s something we probably don’t think about that often, but the folks at BestLife?

Well, they are on top of it, and they have crunched the numbers to come up with a ranking of the 50 U.S. states based on how much they are hated.

The “Hatred Index” that BestLife came up with is based on a number of factors, including surveys where residents expressed how much (or little) pride they had in their state, how many people are moving into or out of the state, and a poll where people picked which state they hate the most, whether it was their own home state or a different one.

Okay, so it is not the most scientific collection of metrics in the world, but it is something, and using all that data the website ranked all the states to determine which are the most hated and which are the least hated.

Let is begin with the positive side, because it’s been a rough year and we could all use a bit more positivity these days. Here are the least hated states, according to the data:

South Dakota

Okay, so a lot of the states with lower population figures seem to be ranked pretty highly in terms of likeability.

That makes sense, more especially when you see that a lot of these states did not rank on the poll of which states other people hate the most.

I mean, what is there to hate about Wyoming? Big open spaces?

On the other hand, the most hated states tend to have higher populations, and people seem to have stronger opinions about them.

We have no other way of knowing why people seem to hate the following states so much, but sports teams, politics, and other factors likely play large factors.

Listed below are the most-hated states, according to the data:

New Jersey

Okay so to the top spot being taken by New Jersey isn’t surprising in the least. I don’t say that because New Jersey is a state that I hate — I don’t really have an opinion of it one way or another if I’m being honest — but New Jersey tends to be the butt of many jokes, and it’s probably a fallback for a lot of people who couldn’t think of an answer that meant anything to them personally.

You can check out the rest of the list to see where your state ranks if you don’t see it on either of these lists, but wherever your state ranks, don’t take it too rough.

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Iraq Court Orders Trump’s Arrest Over Drone Strike On Iran General




A Baghdad court has issued a warrant for the arrest of US President Donald Trump as part of its investigation into the killing of a top Iraqi paramilitary commander.

Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the deputy head of Iraq’s largely pro-Iran Hashed al-Shaabi paramilitary network, died in the same US drone strike that killed storied Iranian general Qasem Soleimani at Baghdad airport on January 3 last year.

The strike on their motorcade was ordered by Trump, who later crowed that it had taken out “two (men) for the price of one”.

The UN special rapporteur for extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, Agnes Callamard, has described the twin killings as “arbitrary” and “illegal”.

Iran already issued a warrant for Trump’s arrest in June, and asked Interpol to relay it as a so-called red notice to other police forces around the world, a request that has so far gone unmet.

The court for east Baghdad issued the warrant for Trump’s arrest under Article 406 of the penal code, which provides for the death penalty in all cases of premeditated murder, the judiciary said.

The court said the preliminary inquiry had been completed but “investigations are continuing in order to unmask the other culprits in this crime, be they Iraqis or foreigners.”

In the run-up to Sunday’s anniversary of the twin killings, pro-Iran factions stepped up their rhetoric against Washington and Iraqi officials deemed to have colluded with it.


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Boy chained and treated like an animal for two years by his stepmothers




A 10-year old boy identified as Jibril Aliyu, who was subjected to inhumane conditions by his family has been rescued by some human right activists in the Badariya area of Birnin Kebbi, Kebbi state.

Jibril lost his mother two years ago. After her death, Jibril was chained with animals and denied the basic living amenities – food, clothing and shelter by his two stepmothers. The mark of the chain can be easily seen on his ankle.

He was treated cruelly and had to eat animal feeds and his faeces for survival. This heartbreaking situation has affected his mental capability and makes him behave like an animal.

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A Twitter user @manirjegah, confirmed that the evil perpetrators, Jibril’s two stepmothers and father are currently in police custody and He is undergoing treatment and rehabilitation in the Federal Medical Centre, Birnin Kebbi.





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