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I’ll Tell The Truth; Akuffo Addo Has Won But I’m Not Happy With The NPP




Assin Central Member of Parliament Hon Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, has indicated that though the NPP being led by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo has won the 2020 general election, he is very bitter.

Hon Kennedy was speaking on his NET 2 Television a few minutes after the Electoral Commission declared Nana Akufo Addo and the NPP as the winner of the 2020 election.

He pinpointed that most NPP Members of Parliament lost their seats due to internal Party wrangling and that affected the votes of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo.

He says the Party could have performed better if every party member was satisfied.

He told the host of the Seat Show, Mr. Kwaku Annan, that former President John Dramani Mahama does not deserve the over six million votes he had, and that Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo could have gained more votes than he did in the 2016 election.

“Akufo Addo has won the election but I’m not happy. The truth is that I’m very bitter because we caused our near defeat in the Parliamentary.

Look at what happened in the primaries, people were disqualified here and there. I can tell you most of our NPP members did not vote because most of them were bitter.

But that should have never been the case. At a point, we were very worried about our chances of getting the majority in parliament.

The party should work on those challenges as quickly as possible because I’m not happy with the figures we had at all”. Mr. Kennedy Agyapong noted.

He cautioned the leadership of the New Patriotic Party to ensure that members of the Party who worked hard for the second term victory are duly compensated.

He said the era where NDC contractors are given contracts whilst NPP members are ignored should stop.

“You know I will always tell the truth. The time where contracts were given to NDC members whilst NPP members are capable of executing the same contracts should stop now.

Those who worked hard for the party to win the second term can equally be given contracts. Why should people in the NPP suffer when their party is in government and NDC members will be enjoying.

That should stop from today”. Mr. Kennedy Agyapong cautioned.

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See What This Woman Was Caught Doing With A Very Big Cassava




A woman with the name Okoro Ruth on Facebook shared her experience living in the village when she went on holidays in a facebook group.

She shared a picture of herself and the largest, biggest and longest cassava I have ever seen in me entire life.

She captioned the photo, “Big Cassava. Village get, Biggest cassava I have seen all my life. #villagechallenge”.

See her post below,

Many people who saw the post on Facebook cannot help but comment on the pictures the beautiful lady had shared.

see the comments below:



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Wow! See Full Meaning Of GOOGLE, WiFi, POLICE, NEWSPAPER And Other Acronyms




No doubt we usually utilize one or two abbreviations which we probably did not have any knowledge of their full meaning on daily basis.

Many of us also make use of some of these acronyms that we do not know their meaning.

But in this article, i’ll be giving an exposition on the full meaning of some of these regularly used abbreviations and short forms that we often use in our daily conversation.

1. WIFI: The full form is simply known as “Wireless fidelity”

Wifi is an advanced inbuilt tool of technology which is utilized to connect two or more devices/gadgets together without the use of wires.

For instance; to connect two different handsets together with the help of a WiFi. We can also easily connect our computer to a mobile phone or an internet provider with the use of a WiFi.

This WiFi is simply the advanced or upgraded version of the Bluetooth.

2.ATM : the full meaning is “Automated teller machine”

This gadget is usually accessible via an ATM card and this machine is used in processing monetary transactions.

3.POS : This common machine is often used everyday. And it simply means “Point of sale”.

It is a small tool that is used in processing debits and credits transactions with the use of an ATM card. The POS machine is designed with a small screen where transactions are monitored.

4.DATE: i am one hundred percent sure that most of us aren’t aware that DATE is an acronym which means “Day and time Evolution”.

5. NEWSPAPER : i can bet that high rate of us don’t know that the word “newspaper” is an abbreviation for “North, East, West, South Past and Present News”

6.Google : one of the most common searvh engines is “Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth”

7.POLICE : This simply means ” Public officer for legal investigation and criminal Emergency ”

8.Sim card: Subscriber Identification Module

9.BYE : This word that we use on a daily basis is the abbreviated form of ” Be with you Everytime”

10. A. M : The full meaning is “Ante Meridiem”. The AM is used to describe the early hours of a day.

11.P.M : “Post Meridiem”. This is used to describe the late hours of the day.


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12 Strong Advices From 80 Year Old Man That Will Challenge You




12 strong advises from an 80 year old man that will challenge you

Life comes with its own experiences and challenges and we are forced to pay for our decisions through it.

We live to learn and nothing teaches us better than our past experiences and what others share with us.

According to what the 80- year old man said, many individuals are regretting and cursing life today because they failed to analyze life and it experiences of their past.

He strongly believes that, what you offer life is what you get and so working hard pays and been lazy also pays but the choice is yours.

If you are a youth and reading this article, I will like you to take note of this 14 advices from this old man..

1.Be bold to see opportunity when it comes.

2.A profit isn’t real until the money’s in your bank account.

3.Don’t invest on the stock market what you can’t afford to lose.

4.Acting as a debt Guarantor is wrong; it’s better to either lend the money yourself or just give it to them.

5.99% of your friends are no such thing. They are acquaintances or work colleagues. Count yourself lucky if you have five real friends.

6.We have no rights in this life, just privileges that can be taken away.

7.Think carefully before acting as the spokesperson for others, especially for a group. If it’s so important, why aren’t they standing out from the crowd with you? In a nutshell, don’t fight others’ battles.

8.Don’t act, walk, look or talk like a victim.

You will be judged by the company you keep and the way you talk.

9.Life isn’t fair and the universe doesn’t owe you a living and is probably out to kill you if you’re not serious.

10.Live each day as if it’s going to be your last, for one day it will!

11.Learn to take risks that will reward you either good or bad.

12.Life is not a race, run at your pace and plan the race.

I hope you have been motivated enough to push hard for success?

Thank You.

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