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Kan Dapaah in a video with girlfriend is not corruption, Let him be – GISAC Directer, Samuel Nana Appiah Owusu –



A video of Ghana’s National Security Minister, Albert Kan Dapaah leaked on social media this morning showing him in a sweet-talk with a woman who is not his wife.

The footage which is a video call recorded by the the said lady details a love-struck Kan Dapaah who helplessly takes orders from the lady whose face is not captured in the conversation.

The 66-year-old National Security boss who appeared to be in Europe on assignment was clad in a dark-blue dotted pajamas which he flaunted upon request by the unidentified lady.

Some Ghanians have laughed it off while others are calling for his resignation, a Controversial musician now turned politician, Kwame Asare Obeng, popularly known as A Plus, has added his voice to those who wants the minister to resign with immediate effect.

The Executive Director of Global Intelligence and Security Analysis Center (GISAC), Mr. Samuel Nana Appiah Owusu has detailed below why the minister has indeed done nothing wrong, morally, legally, and by conditions of his office and therefore there’s no need to call for his resignation.

Hon Albert Kan Dapaah did not break any law or code of conduct.
Many people have called to ask my express opinion and professional
analysis of the video circulating on social media involving the Hon Minister for national security, Mr Albert Kan Dapaah.

To be able to respond professionally and intelligently I needed to watch and study and do critical analysis of the content of the said video.

My first response is that the management of our national security cyber system have woefully failed us as a country in this regard. I believe that this video got circulated deliberately for an ill motive to be achieved therefore the handlers of the cyber space should have been proactive in disallowing the circulation of the video.

After careful study and analysis of the video I don’t think the Hon Minister has done anything in contravention of the laws of Ghana or against his code of conduct in office.

First of all, the action in the video is seemingly done and in every 24 hours men and women display affection and love among themselves, these actions are done in so many ways,.

The Hon Minister having a video chat with his girlfriend has not engaged in corruption by that act, he has not breach any code of conduct that forbid him from having a girlfriend. In the said video there is no anywhere he divulged any national security sensitive information, neither did he disclose any classified information to the girl in the chat.

Again the video does not suggest the least that the minister was using his office to solicit sexual favors from the woman. There is no where in the video that suggest again that the minister promised any favors for the woman by the authority of his position.

Ghana does not have any law that prevent appointees from having legitimate legally mature women as second wives. So what is his crime for chatting with his girlfriend and showing her how he is dressed.

As a country I am of the strongest believe that we should strengthen our cyber security system to enable us protect our officials from blackmailing and also to boost the confidence of investors. It is regrettable that such video got it way into the social media platform and other mode of circulation.

I am of the opinion that such act of leaking private legal video chat for ill motive purposes must be treated as criminal and should be stiffly punished by the relevant laws of the country. Such act can happen to anyone and must not be encouraged in the least proposition.

Assuming this has happened to the first and second gentlemen of the land and it was allowed in circulation for mischievous purposes, it could only expose how weak and unsafe our cyber security system is in the country.

Those calling for the resignation or removal from office of the minister, should rather condemn the act of leaking a harmless love chat between two adults for the purpose of blackmailing.

Mr Albert Kan Dapaah has indeed done nothing wrong, morally, legally, and by conditions of his office. He was in a simple video chat with his girlfriend, in there he did not disclose any information, or any security protocol that seems to suggest a breach of security of the country to his girlfriend, and I still want to emphasize that no law in Ghana forbid a national security minister from having a second wife or a girlfriend.

The call for his removal from office is completely a misplaced one. Instead the person who sort to denigrate the good reputation of the minister must be arrested and punished for breach of privacy.

Samuel Nana Appiah Owusu,
Executive Director,
Global Intelligence and Security Analysis Center (GISAC)


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Chaos: Agbogbloshie scrap dealers fires shots at police over de-congestion exercise –



The scrap dealers at Agbogbloshie in Accra are resisting the decongestion exercise by the Greater Accra Regional Coordinating Council.

The scrap dealers and onion traders at Agbogbloshie are being relocated to Adjen Kotoku to help free the congestion in the central business district of Accra as part of the agenda “Make Accra work again” initiated by the Greater Accra Regional Minister, Mr Henry Quartey.

Graphic Online’s reporter Joshua Bediako Koomson who is with the team undertaking the exercise reports that the de-congestion exercise started Thursday morning was moving smoothly until the team arrived at the scrap dealers section.

The dealers set used vehicle tyres ablaze in protest against their removal from the spot.

According to our reporter Joshua Bediako, “They are firing shots and throwing stones at the security personnel.”

“They also started burning tyres”, he added.

He said the exercise aimed at removing onion traders and scrap dealers to Adjen Kotoku was peaceful until they reached the scrapyard.

The scrap dealers argued that they were not served any notice to vacate the place.

“So the military had to intervene by firing warning shots to disperse them,” he added.

Source: graphiconline

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Calm down and support Prez. Akkufo Addo – Nana B to Ejura Youth –




The National Youth wing of the New Patriotic Party has learned with profound concern reports of the alleged murder of Ibrahim Mohammed aka Kaaka and the unfortunate death of two protesters in Ejura in the Ashanti Region.

At the outset, we condemn in no uncertain terms the alleged mob attack that led to the untimely death of Kaaka and also the use of disproportionate force by the joint security force against the rampaging youth in Ejura.

We sincerely sympathize with the families of the deceased and pray that the good Lord comfort and strengthen them in the difficult times they find themselves.

As agonizing and regrettable as the death of these three individuals are, the Youth wing, in all humility, appeals to the youth in Ejura to calm down and tread a path that engenders peace, love and unity to honor the memories of the dead.

As youth we hold the key to the future of our great nation and we cannot jeopardize this great task by resorting to instant retaliation and violence which threatens the peaceful coexistence in our country.

We welcome and support the directive from H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to the Minister of Interior, Hon. Ambrose Dery, MP, to immediately conduct Public Inquiry into the circumstances that led to the unfortunate occurrences on Tuesday, 29th June, 2021.

Again, we add on to the numerous calls on the Police to expedite investigations into the unfortunate death of Kaaka and serve justice to him and the bereaved family by bringing the perpetrators to book.

That said, It is deeply worrying that the opposition NDC seeks to use these very unfortunate and tragic occurrences as an opportunity to undermine the peace and progress we have collectively attained in almost 30 years of our democracy, admired and spoken about in the Sub-Region.

As citizens of Ghana and as Youth, it is our duty to denounce and condemn such statements which rather weakens our strength as a nation in fighting atrocious acts.

We must take up the call for social justice in an appropriate manner which ensures that all are protected and we contribute in the collective effort to support the peace process.

Once again, we solemnly commiserate with the families, friends and loved ones of the deceased and wish the injured a speedy recovery.

Thank you

Henry Nana Boakye
(National Youth Organizer, NPP)


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Breaking : Saddick Adams and his team Leaving Angel Broadcasting Network? –



Award-winning broadcast sports journalist and head of sports of Accra-based Angel FM, Saddick Adams, popularly known as ‘Sports Obama’ together with his team are on the verge of leaving Angel Broadcasting Network (ABN).

Believe it or not, this website can extensively report the popular sports broadcaster and his crew (including Nathaniel Obeng, Isaac Ansah Apagya and many others) are on their way to Media General – Onua FM and Onua TV.

Saddick Adams ‘Sports Obama’ and his crew, would however join former compatriot at Angel FM, Captain Smart at Media General.

Reasons for the decision to part ways with the media outfit is currently unknown but this portal suggests the crew is not enthused about the turn of events at the Accra based station, thus management’s decision to take its popular evening sports show, ‘ Angel Floodlights show’ off Angel TV.

Although none of the crew have confirmed or denied the rumours whether they are on the verge to divorce their relationship with the Angel Broadcasting Network; however this website sighted a post on Saddick Adams’ facebook wall Saturday evening which in a way confirms this particular story.

Here is the post:


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