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My Husband Caught Me Cheating And He Did This Instead Of Beating Or Sending Me Out Of His House




A married lady seek advice after her husband stuck her however selected to deal with her mainly and pamper her which makes her experience uncomfortable.

She discovered that she introduced some other guy to her matrimonial domestic and her husband stuck each of them in mattress.

The afflicted spouse expressed worry that ever on the grounds that he has been displaying her extra love and shopping for her highly-priced items in place of reporting her to her own circle of relatives.

Read her complete story below;


“Please disguise my name. My husband observed me in mattress with some other guy, in our bedroom. I anticipated him to shoot each people proper there however he didn’t.

“He properly requested my aspect man to dress and leave. I turned into shaking to the toe at that moment. He informed me to move take a shower.

I attempted to express regret however he informed me he didn’t need to speak approximately it due to the fact there has been not anything he can do to opposite what happened. That turned into the closing time we spoke approximately it.

“Ever on the grounds that that day he has been satisfactory to me. He buys me plant life and takes me out as a minimum two times a week. Just closing week he took me buying and spent R4400.

“What he noticed closing month is ingesting me each day, mainly on the grounds that he doesn’t need to speak approximately it. I’m even dropping weight. I anticipated him to chase me away, punish me or name a own circle of relatives assembly to file me. He’s doing the opposite.

I experience like he’s making plans to do some thing horrific to me. Sometimes I open my eyes at night time and discover him searching at me.

“When I ask he says he’s admiring my splendor and thanking God for blessing him with a flame of a girl. I assume he’s making plans to do some thing to me while we’re foreign places.


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Man Vomits Money Profusely During A Ritual Process (VIDEO)




A young man has been caught in a viral video vomiting money during an alleged ritual process.

The viral video which is currently making rounds on social media has exposed a lot of crazy things these young men go through just to drive the nicest cars in town.

The video captures a young man believed to be in his early 20s vomiting money into a calabash.

A calabash full of money purportedly from the mouth of the young man is seen sitting right in front of him while he continues to vomit.

It is believed to be a ritual process that was recorded and later leaked online.

Watch the video below;

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PLEASE HELP! The Shocking Thing I Saw In My Father’s Wardrobe (Should I Be Worried?)




Hello guys, the background behind this story is lengthy so to spare you the trouble I’ll jump straight to the point.

My father although he has his flaws is a very religious, and I dare say principled man in some aspects.

He never misses church service. Went to bible school.

At one point he was even a house fellowship leader. He prays and fast often.

So on this day I was standing in the doorway to my dads room.

He wanted to send me on an errand ”I think”, so he opened his wardrobe to get the money.

Immediately he opened his Wardrobe I saw a BAT…yes BAT hanging upside down right there in his wardrobe.

In shock, I jumped and shouted

”daddy see bat see bat !!!”.

Guess what he did. He simply smiled and gently closed his wardrobe.

I have never been this confused. I saw a bat hanging upside down in his Wardrop and all he did was smile and gently closed the door.

I don’t know what to make of it. I have already concluded, there is no way on earth this is from God.

Up until this time I have never seen a bat up close in real-time.

The closest I’ve been was to watch them on television. Contemplate how scared and confused I am now.

I picked up an excuse and ran out of the house to go stay with my relative. It’s been a week since I left, and I’m still too scared to go back.

What do you folks make of this? How can a man who prays and fast and attends bible school have a BAT in his wardrobe? WTF !!

What Do You Think I Should Do?

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‘World’s Dirtiest Man’: Amou Haji Is An 87-Year-Old Man Who Hasn’t Bathed In 67 Years




It’s winter season and bathing seems like a task, doesn’t it? Well, how long can you go without showering? A day or two maximum? Turns out, you are nowhere close to this man who hasn’t bathed in over six decades.

Amou Haji is an 87-year-old man and he hasn’t taken a bath in 67 years. He resides in Dejgah which is a village in the Kermanshah province of Iran. He also looks like the Biblical Moses who fell down a chimney. 


Republic News Agency

He is always covered in ash and dirt. He hasn’t taken a bath for nearly seven decades because he is scared of water. He is of the belief that if he will bathe, he will fall ill.

What is even more unusual is that his diet consists of rotten meat of dead animals, especially porcupines. He also enjoys smoking but it is not tobacco he prefers. He likes to smoke animal feces out of a rusty pipe.

According to Tehran Times, Haji decided to live an isolated life after he went through some emotional setbacks in his youth.

amou haji

He wears a war helmet not to fight off enemies but to keep him warm during winters.

Human beings are complicated creatures.



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