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My Master Is Very Wicked, After Serving Him For 5 Yrs, See What I Found In His Room




After taking the West African Examination Council Exam, my father and mother had no money to further my education to the university level.

All my hope and ambition of becoming a pharmacist became abortive. We are only 3 that my parents gave birth to, and I am the first born of my parents. But sincerely, I was anxious of continuing my education to university level.

Because my parents had no money, I decided to think of what to do.

My father is the first child of his parents. They are two that their parents gave birth to. Him and his younger brother. Their parents died at the early age, when they were young. They left them with nothing, according to what he told me.

But Dad being a hard working and good man, managed to train His younger brother in higher institution. From what he told me, he sold all that he had, to making sure that his younger brother graduates from the University.

My father’s younger brother, after his education, ventured into business. He is a business man, who sells motor parts. His name is called Paul. But we call him “uncle p’.

Uncle p, has only one son, Chris, who’s based in United State of America, studying Nursing sciences.

After many years of staying in the village, thinking of what I would become with my life, I decided I would learn trading. I discussed it with my dad, and he asked what I heard in mind, and I told him motor parts. My reasons of telling him motor parts was because of uncle P’s achievements with his motor parts business.

My father had rejected me going to Aba to learn a motor parts business through his only brother that had refused to help him after he sponsored him in the university. From my own opinion, I told Dad that his only brother did it to him, and not me. That I must go and learn the trading from his brother. I was a kind of stubborn though! Dad didn’t bother again. He blessed me, and told me to go.

I packed my things, and moved to Aba. Uncle p was only staying with his wife, in a three bedroom flat. One for him, one for his wife, and possibly, one could be for me since I have arrived. We agreed that I would serve him for 5 – years. And he warned me not to enter his room for any reason. I agreed to that immediately. The following day, I started work. The whole thing was moving smoothly, and the business was Booming well.

5- years later, when it was time for him to settle me, he didn’t settle me. He kept on telling me that I should give him time that there was no money. One day, after uncle p, my master had forgotten his cheque book at home, because he needed to give somebody money for goods, and since I was the only boy that knows inside house, he sent me home that I should go inside his bedroom to collect the cheque. I reminded him what he had told me not to enter the bedroom. He said I shouldn’t worry, that I should go. When I got home, I moved inside his room immediately. near his bed, there was one chair there. I mistakenly kicked my leg on the wood and fall inside the chair. And I felt the chair being heavy as it was not supposed to be. As a stubborn, and smart boy that I’m, I was just thinking if I could mind my business and leave immediately. I gave it a second thought, I opened the inside chair to see what could be inside it. See what I Saw when I opened the chair.

Immediately I saw this amount of money, I started asking myself questions, I was shocked, I was electrified. Infact, I was confused. I started talking to myself ‘ my master must be a ritualist’ . Yes he must be. Immediately, I started crying, with tears all over me, I started thinking, so my master has things kind of money, and he didn’t help my father who’s his only brother. Not even his only brother but the man that trained him in school. Uncle p has this money, and I didn’t go to school. So my master has these too much money, and refused to settle me Instead he enjoyed me serving him. What a world! You are just a wicked man master.

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Wow! See Full Meaning Of GOOGLE, WiFi, POLICE, NEWSPAPER And Other Acronyms




No doubt we usually utilize one or two abbreviations which we probably did not have any knowledge of their full meaning on daily basis.

Many of us also make use of some of these acronyms that we do not know their meaning.

But in this article, i’ll be giving an exposition on the full meaning of some of these regularly used abbreviations and short forms that we often use in our daily conversation.

1. WIFI: The full form is simply known as “Wireless fidelity”

Wifi is an advanced inbuilt tool of technology which is utilized to connect two or more devices/gadgets together without the use of wires.

For instance; to connect two different handsets together with the help of a WiFi. We can also easily connect our computer to a mobile phone or an internet provider with the use of a WiFi.

This WiFi is simply the advanced or upgraded version of the Bluetooth.

2.ATM : the full meaning is “Automated teller machine”

This gadget is usually accessible via an ATM card and this machine is used in processing monetary transactions.

3.POS : This common machine is often used everyday. And it simply means “Point of sale”.

It is a small tool that is used in processing debits and credits transactions with the use of an ATM card. The POS machine is designed with a small screen where transactions are monitored.

4.DATE: i am one hundred percent sure that most of us aren’t aware that DATE is an acronym which means “Day and time Evolution”.

5. NEWSPAPER : i can bet that high rate of us don’t know that the word “newspaper” is an abbreviation for “North, East, West, South Past and Present News”

6.Google : one of the most common searvh engines is “Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth”

7.POLICE : This simply means ” Public officer for legal investigation and criminal Emergency ”

8.Sim card: Subscriber Identification Module

9.BYE : This word that we use on a daily basis is the abbreviated form of ” Be with you Everytime”

10. A. M : The full meaning is “Ante Meridiem”. The AM is used to describe the early hours of a day.

11.P.M : “Post Meridiem”. This is used to describe the late hours of the day.


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12 Strong Advices From 80 Year Old Man That Will Challenge You




12 strong advises from an 80 year old man that will challenge you

Life comes with its own experiences and challenges and we are forced to pay for our decisions through it.

We live to learn and nothing teaches us better than our past experiences and what others share with us.

According to what the 80- year old man said, many individuals are regretting and cursing life today because they failed to analyze life and it experiences of their past.

He strongly believes that, what you offer life is what you get and so working hard pays and been lazy also pays but the choice is yours.

If you are a youth and reading this article, I will like you to take note of this 14 advices from this old man..

1.Be bold to see opportunity when it comes.

2.A profit isn’t real until the money’s in your bank account.

3.Don’t invest on the stock market what you can’t afford to lose.

4.Acting as a debt Guarantor is wrong; it’s better to either lend the money yourself or just give it to them.

5.99% of your friends are no such thing. They are acquaintances or work colleagues. Count yourself lucky if you have five real friends.

6.We have no rights in this life, just privileges that can be taken away.

7.Think carefully before acting as the spokesperson for others, especially for a group. If it’s so important, why aren’t they standing out from the crowd with you? In a nutshell, don’t fight others’ battles.

8.Don’t act, walk, look or talk like a victim.

You will be judged by the company you keep and the way you talk.

9.Life isn’t fair and the universe doesn’t owe you a living and is probably out to kill you if you’re not serious.

10.Live each day as if it’s going to be your last, for one day it will!

11.Learn to take risks that will reward you either good or bad.

12.Life is not a race, run at your pace and plan the race.

I hope you have been motivated enough to push hard for success?

Thank You.

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Here Is The Reason Why Judges Destroy Their Pen In Court After Passing A Death Sentence




Correction is the major reason for making arrests or apprehending criminals, but it is quite unfortunate that some of these corrections means bringing the life of the offender to a stop.

This is particular with cases of Murder or treasonable offenses.

The death sentence is carried out in order to deter other citizens from treading the same path.

Many of us have not wondered how life would look like for judges who pronounce death penalty of law breakers.

They have been charged with that responsibility by the state, however it is not as straight forward for them as it seems.

It is so hard on them that they nib the pen used in passing such judgements.

We might not have realized this, but the pen is usually destroyed in the court room and it has an incredible significance.

This act means that the judge does not want that particular pen to be used for another judgement.

This is because of the fact that the very act of ending someone’s life no matter how grievous the person’s crime might be is so unholy that the pen is destroyed right after to indicate remorse.

Thanks for reading

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