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NPP founding members kicked against Bosome Freho DCE re-appointment over Galamsey –




The great founding members of the New Patriotic Party in Bosome Freho in the Ashanti Region led by Mr.Yaw Amoah Gyami, Former Constituency Chairman has petitioned the President of the Republic Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo not to re-appoint the current DCE for Bosome Freho (Hon. Yaw Danso) for his involvement in illegal mining (Galamsey) and other reasons during his past administration.

Petition Against Bosome Freho DCE; As Founding Members Confirmed Galamsey Allegations.

We the under listed founding members of New Patriotic Party (NPP) Bosome Freho wish to petition his excellency the President of the Republic of Ghana about the conduct of the District Chief Executive (D.C.E) of Bosome Freho District of Ashanti Region.
The DCE has no respect for the founding members, opinion leaders and the respectable people in the Constituency.
He is a Galamsey Kingpin in the District especially in the forest areas destroying water bodies and forest lands in the following areas
1. Bosomtwe Forest at Adakabunso,
2. Minti Forest at Minti
3. Dannso Forest at Dannso
4. Nkwantapong
5. Yapessa
6. Asiwa ie the District Capital
7. Japaadu
8. Nsuaem 2
9. Semdadieso and Annumso

Semdadieso and Annumso enjoy proceeds of Thirty Thousand (Ghc 30,000.00) each month from these operatives meanwhile the rent advance payment of party office is being paid by the constituency party hierarchy. His Galamsey operations Manager is Mr. Bismark Ofosu Asare a citizen of Asiwa and an appointee assemblyman of the District. He has shared the school feeding among his wife, in-law, girlfriends, family members and himself.

His relationship with former members of Parliament has been full of conflicts that affects development of the District. He has dismissed ten (10) Zoomlion employees who were employed since the inception of the Zoomlion programme. This include staunch members of the New Patriotic Party. The reason for their being laid off is the fact that they voted against his own sponsored assemblyman who together with his family have been a known NDC supporters.

His imposition of persons to contest as assembly members in some electoral areas affected the Presidential and Parliamentary results of the party in those communities in the 2020 general elections and in addition to some uncouth statements he made to the people also made campaigning there very difficult for the newly elected Member of Parliament. Meanwhile all such candidates he imposed lost their bid in those electoral areas; Asiwa, Mmrotuo, Anyanso, Nsuaem 11, Dannso/ Anyinaase.

As a result of poor relationship between the DCE and the founding members in the District, the former Chairman with his campaign team involving former secretary, former women organizer were on a campaign tour to one of the challenging communities by name Annumso and they were involved in a lorry accident of which the campaign team sustained various degrees of injuries, the DCE never attended to them and his statement was that no one sent them to campaigned.

Total registered votes 34,180

It is the first time National Democratic Congress (NDC) is having this rise in voter numbers due to the bad conduct of the DCE.
It must be indicated clearly that before 2020 elections our DCE was hosted on Wontumi TV who said that should NDC votes go beyond four thousand (4000) he will resign.

His divisive attitude creates division among constituency executives which affected party work.
At Nkwantapong the community had to hire their own bulldozer and gladder to re-shape their road, when the DCE was first consulted he insulted the Chief and the people meanwhile the road to that community was first constructed by Hon. Ofori Kuragu the former member of parliament for the constituency.

On this note we the organizers of this press conference is calling on his excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo not to re-appoint Honourable Yaw Danso because he lacks leadership qualities and has problem with most of the communities.


1. Mr.Yaw Amoah Gyami – Former Constituency Chairman
2. Mr. Donkor Peter –Former vice Chairman
3. Mr. Kwabena Asare Baffour – Former Constituency dep. Secretary
4. Mr. Samuel Gyekye – Former Constituency Organizer
5. Aboagyewaa Dorcas –Former Constituency Women Organizer
6. Mr. Asiedu Jacob –Former Secretary
7. Fred Opoku – Former Executive Meember
Thank you for your usual cooperation


For more details contact Mr.Yaw Amoah Gyami – Former Constituency Chairman



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PHOTO: Like Mother Like Son – Afia Schwar’s Son Has A Girlfriend And He’s Already Fvcking Her




One of Afia Schwarzenegger‘s Ashaiman born twins has a girlfriend and he’s already fvcking her looking at their bedroom photo that has hit the web.
In the photo, Afia Schwar‘s son who has been admitted to the University of Ghana to study whatever is seen enjoying with her girlfriend probably after a marathon of fvcks.

Just like Afia Schwar, his son has also started trending on the internet for the wrong reasons.

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How To Open Your Spiritual Eyes Directly And See Into The Spirit




In the process of opening your spiritual eyes, it is more relevant that you have a willingness to move beyond the physical, to what has been called the metaphysical, spiritual, or psychic areas of your consciousness.

That’s done due to the fact that we can. It’s not premised on a physical ability. It’s based upon your intention, your willingness, and openness to move beyond your capabilities as you know them. So open up yourself to your unknown abilities.

When Jesus Christ referred to those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, he was giving reference to that ability to see beyond what’s in the world, beyond the struggle and strife to the good that is in everything.

So if you want to see spiritually, see the good in everything. Love what you see.

If you don’t know how to love something you see, you can ask, “How do I love this?” Then be prepared to follow that inner guidance. That will be another test of whether or not you’re ready to see. Your inner guidance will often come in like a whisper or in your own quiet voice. So listen. And love what you hear.

The above concept may lead us to have a question in mind: WHY Should we have SPIRITUAL EYES ?

1. We need the spiritual eyes for guidance: (Numbers 22: 1.39) this can be physical direction or direction before taking a decision regarding career, marriage, jobs, churches, or friendship.

2. To pray a target prayer : (Romans 8:26-27) Once our spiritual eyes is opened we will be able to pray the right prayer for the right situation.

3. To see new opportunities: (Gen 21:15-19) It is possible to be surrounded by great opportunities without seeing them. just like Hagar was surrounded by well of water and until God opened her eyes she couldn’t see it.

4. To reveal the secret of the enemy: it will be a good thing to see the secret of the enemy so we can pray targeted prayers.

5. To see the wonder working power of God

6. To Build our hope in God: God opened the eyes of Elisha’s servant and his hope and confident in God was restored.

7. To acquire knowledge that supersede the knowledge of the material body for the purpose of divine enlightenment.

8. To have easy contact with extraterrestrial beings of light ( Angelic Beings) for messages and revelations.


1- Stay away from sin

2- Develop a desire to see in the spirit

3- Engage your self in prayers (it can be speaking in tongues all through for at least one hour daily).

4- Fast at least 2 days a week

5- Develop a strong desire for God

6- Read and make the word of God a standard for your life

7- Live a righteous life – observe and obey the commands of our Lord Jesus Christ.

8- Forgive anyone that offended you even if you are right or wrong and do away with anger. This should be done from the deepest of your heart in love and kind.

9- Help the needy and encourage the weak and be attracted to see the good side of every situation in the course of existence.

10 – Love your your God (Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ) with all your heart, with all your mind, and with all your soul.

(Do the following with all your heart and make it a part of you that can’t be extracted)

And the result you are seeking for will come to pass in Jesus name.

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Take This Serious: Never Bath After Love Making, Here Are The Reasons




Majority of people consider love making as fancy stuff like we always see in movies.

Actually whenever sexual intercourse occurs, bodily juices are exchanged between partners and the climax is not so much pretty as you imagine it to be.

Several theories are out there about what you must do quickly after intimacy. Bathing as we all know is one of them.

Taking a bath after love making may make you feel relaxed and clean, but according to scientific postulate, it has to be done in a certain way.

Provided below are some tips that will guide you on how to manage yourself right after intercourse.

A. Please avoid using Soap: Health experts have indicated that, after lovemaking, your genital area gets swollen due stimulation.

This makes it very sensitive to soap. The soap has so many chemicals that can spark severe irritation and because of that it should be avoided.

Ideally, try and bath with just water

C. Never bath with hot water: An ultimate choice may seem a hot bath after lovemaking since lovemaking itself can make you feel calm and happy.

According to a study carried out by scientists, a hot bath is not good for you.

The private part of a woman swells due to stimulation which can lead to the opening of the inner part of the private area.

Now the moment this happens, the lady’s part gets prone to infections.

Because of that, hot bath will make her vulnerable to infection.

C. What should you do then?

Make sure you keep either a towel or a paper role to clean yourself up right after sexual intercourse.

Always make sure that your genital area resumes to its normal size and shape before attempting a bath.

D. Always make sure pee after the act:

One of the best ways to prevent bacteria from penetrating your system is to pee right after sexual intercourse.

Thank you very much for reading this article.

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