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‘Prince Of ISIS’ Turns To Jesus After Seeing His Blood In A Dream



Despite war and terror, the Kingdom of God continues to advance as Jesus becomes real in the unlikeliest of places. Leading The Way Ministries, led by an Arab believer, Dr Michael Youssef has shared the astounding testimony of a former ISIS leader who has turned away from his horrific past to follow Jesus.

A religious leader in ISIS

Mohammad (not his real name), was a religious leader in ISIS, He taught the Koran encouraging his fellow Muslims to memorize the verses and he urged them towards Jihad. “We had began to form groups to defend Islam,” he stated in an interview.

“Why are you a Muslim?”

But when he was asked by someone why he was a Muslim, he had no answer. That led him to search for the “truth.”

“I wanted to find proof and evidence that Allah exists and Islam is right. I found nothing,” he added.

After finding no answers in the Koran, Hadith, and Sunnah, he was able to set up an appointment to meet a Christian, named Peter who has an outreach to Muslims. The amazing thing is that Peter was prepared to meet Mohammad, knowing his life was in extreme danger, but God told Peter to go ahead.

In reality, Mohammad was just as scared, but his desire to search for the truth gave him the courage to face Peter. However he was also full of hatred and anger and had every intention of killing Peter…

At their first meeting Peter boldly shared the Gospel and Mohammad began crying without any reason.

“I saw a love that didn’t exist in Islam”

Later, Mohammad dreamt of an envelope with blood dripping on it being handed to him by Peter. This he did not understand and he contacted Peter again to ask him what this meant.

Peter shared the truth that there is no forgiveness without the shedding of blood. That through the Blood of Jesus our sins are forgiven and we are washed clean.

Mohammad repented there and then and began to be discipled by Peter. What he saw in God’s presence is very powerful! “I saw a love that didn’t exist in Islam,” he said.

This testimony reminds us that nobody is too far gone for God. He can turn around even the hardest of hearts. He can transform the persecutor into the protector. Just look what He did in the life of the Apostle Paul. Following his supernatural ‘Damascus Road experience’ he was instantly converted. Let’s pray that God would make Himself known to more and more people who we would consider our enemy.

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Efya kissing Fella Makafui on the lips raises eyebrows



People have always alleged singer Efya is into women. As much as the claim is unsubstantiated, many people will not hesitate to even grasp straws on the least Efya does. Netizens have reacted to a video of Efya kissing Fella Makafui on the lips.

Efya kissing Fella Makafui on the lips raises eyebrows among netizens in a video emanating from Hajia4Real’s lavish birthday party.

One of the events that has received the most attention on social media recently is the 30th birthday celebration that well-known Ghanaian socialite Mona4Reall aka Hajia4Reall hosted.

Many well-known figures from Ghana’s entertainment sector joined Mona and her friends from all around the world at the celebration on Sunday night to celebrate her special day.

The main attractions of the birthday party included the decorations that Mona employed, her numerous gowns, the cake, and the surprising abundance of women in attendance.

The moment award-winning artist Efya and Medikal’s wife Fella Makafui decided to kiss is another that has social media fans talking.

Even though it was a brief kiss, many online users were taken aback by the two adorable women’s decision to kiss on the lips.

View the video here:


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Nketia Announced His long-awaited Ep As He explains Each song on the Ep



The project contains 5 songs that take audiences through a love journey with ups and downs.

Mr lover was produced by 2shuus. The beat is a mix of Ghana Highlife and Drill and having Sirge verse was the bridge between Highlife and Drill.

Mr lover’s which shows the young and wild love of Nketia to ladies and parties, the song featured Sirge who is an Afro pop artist, Sirge who is well known for his eccentric style.

Meko is watching Nketia. His relationship’s frustration on a convas using his vocals after that storm, Nketia see the sun.
Sing for you” is a new beginning for Nketia He shows us that love can make you go the extra mile to make your partner happy. the song was produced by Nketia.

Yes, I Do, we all get to witness the beauty of love, the moment the whole world is seeing a bachelor a player, and a lover moving to become a king to his queen.

Nketia has one of his friends and artist Arthejay to support his life decisions.

Finally, Borkoor is the reward for letting go of your ladies and sticking with your love, Nketia goes into detail about what it’s like to spend the night with a goddess.







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D-Black’s night club disconnected by ECG for power theft –



Oasis Pool and Shisha Lounge in Accra has been cut off from the national grid for power theft.

The night club, which is said to be owned by popular hiplife musician D-Black, is located at Cantonments behind the police headquarters in Accra.

Operators were caught red handed by the National Taskforce of the Electricity Company of Ghana for bypassing the meter to use electricity.

The Taskforce visited the premises of the lounge, where it uncovered the illegality, which is alleged to have taken place for a long time.

The ECG has since served notice to the managers of the facility to report at their office for further interrogation.

A number of public and private institutions have been caught over the past five weeks ever since the power distributor declared war on debtors and illegal connections.

When Citi News visited the facility, it was observed that the lounge depends heavily on power to sustain its operations.

They use sound systems, refrigerators, and other electrical gadgets.


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