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See The Moment A Soldier Returns Home To Find Wife Cheating on Him, See What Happened Next [Watch Video]



They say you should find a love story in any story. They’re not asking you that the love tale in question isn’t necessarily romantic. In reality, when love stories include adultery and divorce, they may get pretty nasty—and this is one of those stories that brings things to the next stage.

In a sequence of dramatic twists and turns, this tale brings viewers from the moment a young man and woman meet and fall in love, through their difficult first days of marriage, all the way to the fiery wreck that was the end of their relationship. It’s definitely not a heart-warming tale to tell, but it’s amusing (especially when you realize it didn’t happen to you).

Sit back and brace yourself for a trip into the deepest, most diabolical nether regions of marriage. What happens to the wife at the end of the day will tell you that any action has repercussions, and often the risks are not worth taking.

It’s one of those painful army love tales we’ve read before. Since the arrival of a family acquaintance, a man and a woman fall in love. They had been inseparable for months, but the guy was a fighter. Eventually, he was called back to action. That’s why they agreed to wed.


Military women get a lot of perks (as well as chances to see their husbands), but marriage made sense at the moment. And, they were in love: what’s wrong? Since they had married, something had began to happen to the bride. She started to experience violent fits in her night, and her husband remained with her for as long as he could.

Luckily, she had a life care package. Service wives had access to the same outstanding health services as troops themselves, but handling their illness was not a concern. But then something unusual began to happen. The husband quickly found that his wife’s trips to the doctor had become increasingly regular, without any planned appointments. Still, he felt that she was doing what was right for her welfare.

Then the wife started to do something much more odd. The young soldier found that she liked traveling out of town to visit Walmart. She did so very much, but then, the husband shrugged it off as normal—maybe she only always liked to shop?

He couldn’t think about it for a long time, anyway. He had been called to work in South Korea, but he had to quit. Her odd trips to the doctor and Wal-travels Mart’s were put to the back of his mind, but every day he missed his child.

But then, her relatives called him suddenly. He was contacted overseas by his wife’s mum, brother, uncle and aunt. They told him that their relative, his mom, said he was homosexual. She claimed it was why she was permitted to “sleep with whoever she liked.” That’s when she was questioned by the husband.

He didn’t like what she had to say: she admitted to sleeping with more than 60 guys. He didn’t have any clue. And she dropped a much greater bomb. Around the same moment, his cheating girlfriend told him that she was pregnant and that the infant did not belong to him.


The teenage soldier, of course, applied for divorce. He didn’t warn her about it, either, to prevent her from flipping out and losing her things. He needed this to go as well as he could. Yet his wife found it really complicated.

Initially, she declined to send her unborn child the DNA examination that contributed to the disruption of the investigation. She created big scenes, too, every time they were in session.

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I’ve recently been defrauded to the tune of $7 million – Kennedy Agyapong laments



Assin Central Member of Parliament, Kennedy Agyapong, has disclosed that he has landed in a botched business that has seen him swindled to the tune of US$7 million by a young man.

According to him, in the line of business, no matter how shrewd a person is; losses and other challenges can pop up but that it was how a person handles it that determines how good a businessperson they are.

GhanaWeb monitored comments Agyapong made on Net2 TV’s ‘The Attitude’ show on August 20 where he revealed that the ‘fraudsters’ who are messing with him will soon know who they are up against.

“Even for me, things are not so smooth for me as you think. I told you last week that I have bought machines worth 7 million dollars for some young boys, they have swindled me, they are still on it, they haven’t changed.

“Their time will come, my message is that when I was advancing them the money to buy the canon machines, if that was all I had, I wouldn’t have given them that money. So I will eat, what pains me is that a 39-year-old boy will swindle me, a 61-year-old man.”

According to him, now that he is plotting to hit back at the fraudsters, “people are begging, people are still begging. People I respect are begging, you see why Ghana is not progressing?” he quizzed.

He vowed to go after the boys and to collapse their business, a fight back that he said he had started by cutting their sources of supply and business.

Agyapong, however, remains undaunted by the incident, stressing that he will continue to run his businesses and to make investments because that was a sign of a businessman who understands the ups and downs that come with the trade.

“I will not let them demoralize me…. I’m still investing. I am business-wise already but I have grown wiser. If you see a Ghanaian dying, let him die…. Nana Boadu (he gave the names of one of the boys) will not know what is coming upon him.

“But I will not let those boys collapse me, they are very evil, I know of two but I am told they are three… I will retrieve every pesewa of mine from those small boys, they will never swindle me this badly.

“I will take action and I don’t care, because I will not let him take me for granted ever. I usually pass my hand over my head. My head is boiling because I am so pained that the boys have been able to swindle me that bad,” he lamented.

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Chaos: Agbogbloshie scrap dealers fires shots at police over de-congestion exercise –



The scrap dealers at Agbogbloshie in Accra are resisting the decongestion exercise by the Greater Accra Regional Coordinating Council.

The scrap dealers and onion traders at Agbogbloshie are being relocated to Adjen Kotoku to help free the congestion in the central business district of Accra as part of the agenda “Make Accra work again” initiated by the Greater Accra Regional Minister, Mr Henry Quartey.

Graphic Online’s reporter Joshua Bediako Koomson who is with the team undertaking the exercise reports that the de-congestion exercise started Thursday morning was moving smoothly until the team arrived at the scrap dealers section.

The dealers set used vehicle tyres ablaze in protest against their removal from the spot.

According to our reporter Joshua Bediako, “They are firing shots and throwing stones at the security personnel.”

“They also started burning tyres”, he added.

He said the exercise aimed at removing onion traders and scrap dealers to Adjen Kotoku was peaceful until they reached the scrapyard.

The scrap dealers argued that they were not served any notice to vacate the place.

“So the military had to intervene by firing warning shots to disperse them,” he added.

Source: graphiconline

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Calm down and support Prez. Akkufo Addo – Nana B to Ejura Youth –




The National Youth wing of the New Patriotic Party has learned with profound concern reports of the alleged murder of Ibrahim Mohammed aka Kaaka and the unfortunate death of two protesters in Ejura in the Ashanti Region.

At the outset, we condemn in no uncertain terms the alleged mob attack that led to the untimely death of Kaaka and also the use of disproportionate force by the joint security force against the rampaging youth in Ejura.

We sincerely sympathize with the families of the deceased and pray that the good Lord comfort and strengthen them in the difficult times they find themselves.

As agonizing and regrettable as the death of these three individuals are, the Youth wing, in all humility, appeals to the youth in Ejura to calm down and tread a path that engenders peace, love and unity to honor the memories of the dead.

As youth we hold the key to the future of our great nation and we cannot jeopardize this great task by resorting to instant retaliation and violence which threatens the peaceful coexistence in our country.

We welcome and support the directive from H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to the Minister of Interior, Hon. Ambrose Dery, MP, to immediately conduct Public Inquiry into the circumstances that led to the unfortunate occurrences on Tuesday, 29th June, 2021.

Again, we add on to the numerous calls on the Police to expedite investigations into the unfortunate death of Kaaka and serve justice to him and the bereaved family by bringing the perpetrators to book.

That said, It is deeply worrying that the opposition NDC seeks to use these very unfortunate and tragic occurrences as an opportunity to undermine the peace and progress we have collectively attained in almost 30 years of our democracy, admired and spoken about in the Sub-Region.

As citizens of Ghana and as Youth, it is our duty to denounce and condemn such statements which rather weakens our strength as a nation in fighting atrocious acts.

We must take up the call for social justice in an appropriate manner which ensures that all are protected and we contribute in the collective effort to support the peace process.

Once again, we solemnly commiserate with the families, friends and loved ones of the deceased and wish the injured a speedy recovery.

Thank you

Henry Nana Boakye
(National Youth Organizer, NPP)


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