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The unprecedented performance of Hon. Afenyo-Markin in 2019 every MP must learn. –



There is no doubt the Member of Parliament for Effutu Constituency in the Central Region, Hon. Alexander Kwamina Afenyo-Markin won the best performing MP during his first term in office when FAKS Investigative Services conducted a survey in 2014.

The Honorable Member has since kept his unprecedented performance which differentiate him from other colleague MP’s. The list below shows work done by the MP in his constituency in the past 2019 year in Health, Education, Employment, Business, Roads, Sanitation, Security, Agricultural and Judicial Service.


  1. 728 laptops to teachers in both public and private schools in the Effutu Municipality.
  2. 2,500 desks to schools in the Effutu Municipality
  3. 300 desks to Winnesec
  4. Provision of desks at Old Library Surflet House.
  5. Scholarships to 155 nurses and still counting.
  6. Scholarships to 180 UEW students and still counting.
  7. Scholarship Fund to 60 teachers in the Effutu Municipality.
  8. Mathematical Sets for All BECE candidates 2019.



  1. WONSOM completed and commissioned
  2. Ansaful 100% completed and commissioned
  3. Gyangyanadze 80% completed
  4. Atekyedo 70% completed.
  5. UNIPRA North 100% completed.
  6. NVTI ICT Center and pavilions completed


Ansaful JHS Block completed.

Atekyedo JHS. 80% completed.


  1. Zongo 100% completed and commissioned

2 Sekedjano 100% completed and commissioned.

  1. Ansaful 90% completed
  2. Sankor 70% completed
  3. Ekroful 80% complete
  4. Ensuakyir 70% completed

7 Atekyedo 90% completed

  1. Kojobedu 40% completed
  2. Akosua Village


  1. One Ambulance to the Municipal Hospital
  2. Expansion of Municipal Hospital’s Theater
  3. Renovation of Municipal Hospital’s maternity ward.
  4. Mothers’ hostel at Municipal Hospital.
  5. Donation of hospital equipment to Ensuekyir CHIPS compound.
  6. Medical bills’ support to thousands of patients.
  7. Over 10,000 NHIS cards to Effutu’s constituents.
  8. 50 electrical hospital beds donated.
  9. New Neo-natal Clinic at Effutu Municipal Hospital’s Children’s ward commissioned.


  1. CHIP Compound 100% completed and commissioned at Wunsom.
  2. CHIP Compound 70% completed at Gyahadze.
  3. Akosua Village – commenced
  4. Warabeba – commenced
  5. Ateitu- commenced
  6. Ansaful- commenced


  1. Renovation of old court building, Winneba.
  2. Lobbied for the new High Court.


  1. Tractor for the rural communities.
  2. 16 pumping machines for farmers.
  3. Cash and fertilizers for vegetable farmers in the Municipality.
  4. 310 outboard motors for fishermen.
  5. GHC 500.00 each financial support for 650 fishermen and still counting.
  6. GHC 500.00 financial support for pig farmers.
  7. Farming equipment to Sankor farmers plus a support of GHC20,000.00
  8. 11 Tricycles for farmers in Winneba.


  1. Renovation of bathroom and standing pipe at Ofunyamu.
  2. Erection of public standing pipe at Domeabra.
  3. Provision of modern toilet facilities at:
  4. Sankor
  5. Ataitu
  6. Gyangyanadze
  7. Akosua Villag
  8. .Yepimso “A”
  9. Yepimso “B”
  10. Boat Yard “A”
  11. Boat Yard “B”
  12. Osubonpanyin


  1. GHC100,000.00 to Mobile Money vendors.

2. GHC1000.00 for drinking bar operators.

3. GHC500.00 each fot 75 Nkwantanan market women.

4. GHC 500.00 each for 150 fish sellers at ‘One Way’ Market.

5. 400 deep freezers distributed to constituents.

6. 28 sets of musical gadgets for Spinners Association in Winneba

7. 150 Gas Stoves & Cylinders for Indomie sellers in Winneba


  1. 150 taxis distributed on work and pay basis.
  2. 285 ardbord motors distributed.
  3. 3,206 sewing machines distributed.
  4. 2,850 hairdryers distributed.
  5. 250 masonry tools distributed.
  6. 250 carpentry tools distributed.
  7. 215 industrial machines to Taiilors and Hairdressers Association.


  1. Sponsorship of Muslims to Mecca.

2.Provision of Polytank and P.A system for Fulani Mosque at Winneba Junction.


  1. Anglican Church to Cops Junction
  2. Yepimso to Gyahadze road.
  3. Gyatakrom- Ataitu road ongoing.
  4. Sankor Junction – Ensuekyir, Gyahadze road.
  5. Sakagyano-Yepimso road.


  1. Renovation of Winneba Police Station.
  2. Building of modern library at Command and Staff College.
  3. Training of 62 community policing assistants.
  4. 11 Fire Service personnel
  5. 200 street lights
  6. Training of 100 youth in City Guarding
  7. Construction of 4 New Police Stations in Effutu.


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New 25 Constituencies in the offing, NDC must kill to win 2024 elections – Kwabena Bobie Ansah –



A renowned Ghanaian Journalist with Accra based radio Accra FM 100.5 mhz, Kwabena Bobie Ansah has hint of a possible New Constituency creation by the electoral commission in November 2023 before the 2024 General Elections.

According to the broadcaster, the Electoral Commission in close door meeting has resulted to creation of additional 25 new constituencies to the existing 275 Constituencies.

He said the Electoral Commission has included the people of SALL constituency in the Oti region to neutralize their plan and any other arguments that may come after rolling out their intentions.

He furthered that, the Electoral commission has planned to create 14 Constituencies out of the 25 new Constituencies in the Ashanti Regiona and share the remaining 11 among the other 15 regions.

The NDC needs to play it hard and prepare to use violence to win 2024.
After all Akufo Addo killed 10 Ghanaians to win election 2020, he said in a post on his Facebook page.

Check the post below.




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I wish you well, Kuffour to Musah Superior on his General Secretary bid –



The Former President of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency John Agyekum Kuffour has wished Hon. Iddrisu Musah affectionately called Musah Superior well on his bid to become the next National General Secretary of the ruling party, New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The former Tamale Mayor who is currently the Deputy C.E.O of Ghana Forestry Commission paid a courtesy call on the former president at his Peduase Residence to officially inform him about his bid to contest for the NPP’s National General Secretary Position in the upcoming elections.

Musah Superior explained and detailed to the Ex- President the nature of his campaign themed “The Peoples’s Campaign”.

Ex – President Kuffour was delighted and fascinated about the nature and content of the Peoples’s Campaign.

He wished him well and blessed him.

Below are the 10 points plan of the Peoples’s campaign.

1. As GS, l will operate meaningfully at the Party HQ. The Party will no longer be managed from the private offices and homes of some persons. I will lead in running an active, professional and hugely political HQ. I will not run the Party in absentia.

2. I will mange the Party from bottom to top. This means l will pay serious attention to the local structures of the party. I believe that if we pay attention to the polling stations and resource the Constituency Executives, we will enhance our strength.

3. I will formulate and publish a six monthly ACTIVITY PLAN. This means that l will be busy in the country side on a formal work schedule. Regional and Constituency ACTIVITY PLAN will fit into the plan of the HQ.

4. I will ensure that officers, communicators, etc are REWARDED. It is absurd that we do not have an award scheme for people who have worked so hard for our victory. I ll ensure that we add value to our officers and volunteers. This is not rocket science!

5. Establish a WORKING welfare scheme for all officers of the Party.

6. Revive the demotivated Communications Directorate of the Party. All communicators at all levels must have a reason to continue to advocate for the Party. I ll put a plan in place to “look” after them. I will also support the Directorate to recruit brilliant communicators from the Regions and constituencies and offer them opportunities to feature on programmes “reserved” for certain class of persons. We must find innoviative ways of making our communication effective, convincing and pointful. This mean we must consult widely and use the wealthy brains of the Party people.

7. I will lead in constantly articulating the excellent work the NPP government is doing. We must articulate loudly our achievements and challenge any propaganda intended to undermine out grear efforts. Winning elections 2024 will depend largely on the achievements of our government.

8. As GS, l will ensure that ALL internal elections are free, fair, transparent and credible. ALL parliamentary primaries shall be OPENED to all. No needless disqualifications.

9. Our Party is run by Committees. (Steering Committee, National Executive Committee, National Council and the National Delegates Conference/Congress). As GS, l will become the most functional officer of the Party and shall work to the directions of the Committees.

10. Discipline brings stability and meaning into a person or institution. It teaches us to be responsible and respectful.The observance of well-defined rules in any organisation is critically important for the growth and development of the organisation. Discipline promotes good human behavior, stronger and focussed regime. We need to instil this important virtue into our Party. l will supervise a disciplined Party.


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Female JHS student who was reported missing found hiding in her boyfriend’s room



Female JHS student who was reported missing found hiding in her boyfriend’s room

A schoolgirl who went missing for weeks has been found but there’s a lot of drama trailing her discovery. 

According to a report, the girl never got lost but hid in her boyfriend’s place all this while.

The report further adds that the girl only returned after a non-governmental organization, Youth Harvest Foundation discovered her hideout and literally smoked her out.

Khadija Hamidu, the NGO’s project officer, urged parents to pay attention to their children while speaking on Dreamz FM about the topic.

Meanwhile, the girl’s boyfriend is alleged to be one who deals in galamsey.

In other news, MTN Ghana has announced that its Service Centres across the country will be closed for the Holiday Season from December 29, 2021, to January 3, 2022.

The closure of the Service Centres is part of broader measures taken by the business to stem the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic especially in the wake of the new Omicron variant, which has been proven to have a higher transmissibility rate.

Speaking on the development, Jemima Kotei Walsh, Chief Customer Care Officer, said, “The business will use this opportunity to encourage customers to use our digital channels during the period of the closure of the shops.

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